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Digital Sound & Vision is a Turnkey Solution Providing Company in Chennai for Home –Theaters , Hi-End Audio ,Multi-Zone Audio, Professional Audio & Video Systems, Acoustics, Home Automation Solutions & Seating .

Service We Provide A Quality Experience Team with 22 years experience

Home Theater

Theater built in a home, Designed to Commercial theater Performance and feeling , Creating a real “ Cinema Experience” at a Private home.

High End Audio

High quality sound reproduction of any type of music, vocal can be achieved by High-End Audio System by the Build Quality.

Multi-Zone Audio

The System Allows users to Stream to more than one Speaker at a Time, or Play different Music in Different rooms Simultaneously. Whole House Audio Systems can be Classified as: Single Source - Single Zone , Single Source –Multiple Zone or Multiple Source- Multiple Zone.

Professional Audio &video

Capturing of Sound with one or more Microphones; and Balancing Mixing and Adjusting Sound Signals from Multi track Devices Using a Mixing Console our Professional audio system includes sound reinforcement in Board rooms , Conference Halls, Seminar Halls, Mini/Large Auditoriums, Church, Conventional Halls, Classrooms, Pipe music in hotel / Restaurants, foreground music in Bars, DJ Sound System , Public address System etc..


Noise & Echo is controlled by providing Acoustic treatment on walls, Ceiling &Floor with Colorful Interior panels

Home Automation

Convert your Ordinary Home to SMART Home .Single Control System for Home-Theater Equipments which integrates the following to a Single device. for Example : Lights, Fans, Air con, Curtains, Blinds, Door lock, AV System , Irrigation for garden, Censors: Gas leak, Gas break, Smoke Detection , AV System, Alarm Systems, CCTV and much more!!


Home Theater Seating Features recliner seats attached to each other. The Designs are well laid out and Padded to make seating comfortable. it is constructed and Engineered for Commercial and Residential use, Surpassing any quality benchmark for daily home use. Some of the high quality methods we normally use to create an Ultra Luxury Home Theater Chairs forms our best Standards and Features

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